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If you are in the market to buy a house, congratulations! Whether you’re buying for the first time or not, it’s certainly an exciting step. However, there are several essential factors to consider and necessary steps to take when touring a prospective home. As you tour potential homes, make sure to keep an eye out for any plumbing issues that could cause problems in the future. Unexpected and expensive plumbing problems can be a major hassle to have to deal with right after moving in, so knowing what red flags to be on the lookout for can make all the difference. But don’t worry; your experts at Canal Winchester Plumbing & Drain have made a list of 5 red flags that any homebuyer can be on the watch for. 


Number One: The Age & Condition of the Water Heater 

Information like the age of the water heater is normally included in the house listing, but if it is not, you can ask about its age during your walk-through, and if that doesn’t get the info you need, you can quickly inspect the water heater to estimate its age and condition. Though it will only give you a very general idea, the presence of excessive dust, corrosion, or water puddles around the base may suggest inadequate maintenance, an aged unit, or an underlying problem with the water heater. Because water heaters typically last 8-12 years. So, depending on the water heater’s age, you may need to plan for a replacement in the near future if you decide to buy the house. For this reason, this is just a red flag we merely suggest knowing about beforehand. 

Number Two: Water Pressure 

During a house walk-through, it’s easy to forget to check the water pressure. However, it’s crucial to test it out to avoid the hassle of dealing with low water pressure later on. To do so, turn on each faucet and shower and let the water run for a bit before moving on to inspect the next room. Even if low water pressure isn’t a deal breaker, it’s important to be aware of it before moving into the house to avoid any unexpected surprises. 

Number Three: Drains & Water Lines 

Our next step is related to the one we just completed. But you’ll want to also focus on the drains and visible water lines. So, while checking the water pressure of a sink or shower, simply check each drain for any signs of rust buildup. Now this is usually a rare occurrence, but it can cause major issues. You’ll also want to check all visible water lines, such as those under bathroom or kitchen sinks, for any leaks or discoloration. So, while you are letting the water run to get a jist of the water pressure, you can also quickly check for dripping water under the sinks while the faucet is running. 

Number Four: Water Damage 

It’s important to be aware of water damage and its various signs. To identify these signs, here are some useful tips. 

  • To check if there are leaks in the toilet, examine the bottom of the toilet for any pooling or puddles. You can also flush the toilet to confirm the presence of leaks. 
  • Make sure to inspect the ceilings throughout the house for brown spotting, which may be a result of previous pipe or roof leaks. 
  • As you continue your tour, make sure to check the basement and crawlspaces carefully. Look for signs of water stains or leaks.  

Red Flag Number Five: The Home’s Plumbing History 

It is important to ask questions about the plumbing system when considering moving into a new home. Even though it may feel bothersome, obtaining information about the maintenance and repair history of the plumbing could be useful in the future. If the owners cannot provide any records or an excessive amount of repairs have been done to a particular area, it could be a cause for concern. Remember, it is better to know as much as possible about the condition of the plumbing before making a decision.  

The Solution:

When you make a big commitment, like buying a house, having peace of mind is crucial. Fortunately, we can provide you with a plumbing inspection service that can give you just that. Homebuyers can usually negotiate this service into the terms if they decide to buy the house, and the inspection will need to be scheduled by the owner if it is done before the sale is complete.  

Although it may seem unnecessary, our licensed plumbers will conduct a comprehensive evaluation and inspection of the plumbing equipment, pipes, and drainage systems in the home. In addition, they will thoroughly examine various essential plumbing areas and check all plumbing equipment to ensure optimal functionality. This will give you greater confidence in deciding whether or not this home is suitable for you and your family. Additionally, it can be a bargaining point to your advantage. 

It’s not necessary to have expertise in plumbing to identify the red flags mentioned in this blog. But these points will be helpful for you to consider as you search for your dream home. On top of that, it’s important for us to stress that these issues may not be deal breakers for you, but being aware of them will help you avoid unexpected surprises after moving in. Being prepared is key! 

If you’re in a plumbing emergency or any type of plumbing service and need a dependable plumbing company, we’re available to assist you. Call Canal Winchester Plumbing & Drain today at (614) 490-7531, or schedule an appointment online now by clicking here!