It’s April Fool’s Day today; make sure you stay on alert as you go throughout today! However, we decided to take a different approach. We’re all about honesty here! In the world of plumbing, telling facts from fiction is crucial to avoid costly blunders and keep your home in shape. With plenty of plumbing myths out there, it’s tough to separate false practices. That’s why your Canal Winchester Plumbing & Drain team is here to chat about common plumbing myths. So, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty and bust these plumbing myths together! 

Plumbing Myth 1 – “Store-Bought Chemical Drain Cleaners Are Okay to Use”   

One common misconception is that those store-bought chemical drain cleaners work like magic for clogs. But, truth be told, it’s a whole different story. The thing is, those drain cleaners you grab off the shelf at the store can slowly eat away at your pipes, causing leaks and more clogs. Plus, they’re not great for your health or the environment. In the end, they cause more harm than good. 

Instead, when dealing with a clog, go for mechanical methods like plunging or using a drain snake. They’re not just safer but also more effective in the long run, keeping your plumbing system intact. For bigger, stubborn clogs, it’s best to reach out to a professional plumber. Also, using drain screens is a smart way to prevent clogs from happening.  

Plumbing Myth 2 – “It’s Okay to Run Hot Water to Wash Out Grease Down the Drain” 

Another myth about plumbing is that pouring hot water down the drain can help wash away grease. Even though it might seem like a good idea to use hot water to rinse grease down the drain in the moment, it can actually make things worse, because hot water only temporarily liquefies grease. Once it cools, the grease hardens, leading to even tougher clogs in your pipes. 

To combat this plumbing myth, just gather up grease in a container and toss it in the trash or recycle it. This small habit can help dodge pricey plumbing problems later on, saving you tons of trouble, cash, and might we say – unnecessary headaches.  

Plumbing Myth 3 – “Flushing Flushable Wipes Down the Toilet Is Okay”    

Many folks think flushable wipes are okay to toss in the toilet simply because they are labeled that way. We don’t blame them for believing it either – rightly so! But please don’t buy into this myth. Even though they say “flushable,” these wipes don’t break down like toilet paper and can cause ghastly clogs in your plumbing. These so-called flushable wipes can build up in pipes, leading to backups and sewage overflows. None of these are things we assume you would ever want to deal with, especially if they can be prevented. 

So, how can you steer clear of this plumbing myth and prevent disasters? To dodge plumbing issues like this, just remember to flush only toilet paper and toss any type of wipes in the trash. 

Plumbing Myth 4 – “Flushing Feminine Hygiene Products Down the Toilet Is Okay”   

In the same regard, flushing feminine hygiene products down the toilet is a no-go, despite what some may think. Tampons, pads, and the like soak up liquid as they are designed to swell in water. Flushing them down the toilet just spells trouble for your pipes. When you flush these items, you risk serious clogs and potential damage to your plumbing and sewer lines. 

Stay away from this plumbing myth altogether by tossing feminine hygiene products in the trash to keep things running accordingly and avoid pricey plumbing fixes and environmental harm.

Don’t get caught up in these common plumbing myths! It’s important to bust these myths to keep your plumbing healthy. Skip the chemical drain cleaners, avoid pouring grease down the drain, dispose of flushable wipes correctly, and steer clear of flushing feminine hygiene products. These steps can help you avoid damage, costly repairs, and, let’s face it, a lot of headaches! Remember, for reliable plumbing advice, you should always turn to a professional plumber. If you want more tips on caring for your plumbing, feel free to check out our other informative blog posts!  

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