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Plumbing Excavation Service in Canal Winchester, OH

Whether you’re building onto or renovating your home and require new construction, laying a foundation, repairing underground pipes or undertaking a remodeling project — excavation work should always be performed by a licensed expert who knows the ground and can predict potential problems. Every excavation site is different and capable of presenting a different set of unexpected challenges. Because of this, choosing an experienced and skilled excavator who’s able to recognize and predict potential problems like water tables or soil stability is essential.

If you ever have a plumbing issue, there are several things that need to happen before any sort of repair or replacement can be done. The first step is to do an excavation and find out what is going on under your property.

Next, the plumber will replace the pipes with new ones, if needed. Then they will check for leaks and make sure everything is working properly before finishing up by installing new piping where needed.

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Sewer Line Excavation & Trenching in Canal Winchester, OH

Sewer lines are single pipes that transport household wastewater from inside to the sewer main underneath the street. This pipe usually runs through your front yard, a few feet underground below the frost line.

Sewer lines are buried underground and are often hard to locate, making them difficult to repair. If you think your sewer line has been damaged or is leaking, give us a call. We’ll come out and assess the situation and give you an estimate on how much it will cost and how long they think it will take.

We’ll then dig up the problem area in your yard (or wherever else there’s a leak) and find where the pipe is broken. Once found, we’ll patch up any holes in the pipe using cement or epoxy putty, or replace the pipe entirely.

    Plumber fixing Bathtub drain

    Plumbing, drain, and sewer excavation in Canal Winchester, OH

    At Canal Winchester Plumbing & Drain, our plumbers have been helping homeowners with plumbing problems for over a decade, and we have the experience to handle any job that comes our way.

    If you need help getting your pipes cleaned out or fixed, we can also provide sewer cleaning services for you. We’ll efficiently remove any clogs from your drains so that they don’t cause any more problems down the road.

    Canal Winchester Plumbing & Drain has the tools and expertise to get your drain cleaned, repaired, or replaced. Our professionals can handle any type of drain problem, including:

    • Drain cleaning
    • Drain repair
    • Drain replacement

    Factors Affecting Drain Pipe Longevity

    Sewer Line Material

    Sewer Line Material

    The material that your lines are made out of is important and they can corrode easily as pipes age. 

    Soil Condition

    Soil Condition

    With climate changes the soil freezes and can damage the line or when the soil shifts it shifts the placement of the pipe.

    Tree Roots

    Tree Roots

    If you have large trees in your yard, keep in mind that tree roots are known to invade underground lines and cause damages in the drain that can cause line blockages. 

    Internal Blockages

    Internal Blockages

    Drain lines can get obstructed with items building up. These items include food, oils, waste, toys, grease, and other debris. 

    Licensed Plumber
    Licensed Plumbers

    Licensed and Insured Plumbing Company for Canal Winchester, OH

    You may be wondering what makes Canal Winchester Plumbing & Drain the best choice for your plumbing services. There are many things that go into making our company stand out from the rest, two of which are our licensed and insured status, as well as our certifications and state requirements.

    We are licensed by the state of Ohio, meaning that we have been cleared by the state to offer these services legally. This ensures that we will not cause harm to you or your family while performing any work at your home or business property and helps ensure good customer service from us in general. We also have insurance that protects you if anything happens on-site while we’re working with one another.

    Our certifications ensure that all of our technicians have been properly trained so they can complete projects quickly without causing damage to any part of your property during installation or repairs! 

    24/7 Emergency Plumbing Service in Canal Winchester, OH

    Our plumbers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you with any plumbing issues you may have. We provide fast response times and we can handle any job no matter how big or small it is. We can help you with minor issues like a clogged drain or a broken faucet, or we can help with major issues like a broken water heater.

    If you're not 100% happy with our services, we promise to make things right! That's why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

    You can count on our professional plumbers not only for emergency services but for preventative maintenance as well. Annual inspections can help prevent many issues from occurring in the first place. Our plumbing experts will identify problems before they start. Give us a call today and avoid the stress of plumbing problems tomorrow.

    • Annual inspections can help prevent many issues from occurring in the first place.
    • Our plumbing experts will identify problems before they start.
    • Give us a call today and avoid the stress of plumbing problems tomorrow.


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