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Electric Water Heater Repair and Installation in Canal Winchester

Electric water heaters are a great choice for Canal Winchester, OH residents who are looking to make their homes more efficient. Electric water heaters use less energy than natural gas or propane models, and they can be installed in almost any location within your home.

You might be wondering how exactly an electric water heater works. Well, the short answer is that it heats up using electricity! The longer answer involves replacing certain parts of your current setup with electrical components that create a magnetic field around the tank itself. This field is what actually heats up the water inside of it, meaning that no matter where you install this type of system (as long as it has access to electricity), it will work just fine!

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Electric Water Heater Repair Services in Canal Winchester, OH

Electric water heater repair is a process that involves inspecting the water heater and its components to ensure everything is working properly. Water heaters normally require regular maintenance, which can be done by the homeowner or by a professional. We at Canal Winchester Plumbing & Drain offer electric water heater repair, electric water heater installation, electric water heater maintenance and electric water heater replacement services throughout the Greater Columbus area.

  • Check the temperature and pressure relief valve for leaks: If there are any signs of corrosion, it may be time to replace your anode rod.
  • Check the thermostat for proper operation: Make sure your thermostat is set correctly before turning on your heater. If it’s not functioning properly or if you don’t have one at all, it could cause overheating that could damage your unit or cause dangerous conditions like scalding hot water rushing out of your faucets in a worst-case scenario!
  • Inspect pipes and connections for leaks: If you notice small amounts of coolant leaking from somewhere inside your unit after it has been turned off, contact us immediately so we can determine whether there are any potential causes for concern (such as faulty seals) that should be addressed before attempting further use.
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    Electric Water Heater Installation in Canal Winchester, OH

    For many homeowners, an electric water heater is a great option for their home. Electric water heaters are cheaper than gas water heaters, more efficient, and easier to install and maintain.

    Electric water heaters are easy to install because they do not require any additional hookups or plumbing work. All they require is a connection to the main electrical system of your home that runs through the wall near where you plan on installing your new electric water heater.

    Once this connection has been made, you can then connect it directly to your existing hot-water line that connects from the kitchen sink faucet or bathroom sink faucet all the way back up through the house until it reaches where ever else in your home needs hot water.

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    Electric water heaters offer a quick and efficient way to get hot water

    If you’re looking for a new water heater, here’s why you might want to choose one of the electric water heaters we have in stock.

    Compact in Size

    Compact In Size

    Electric water heaters are compact in size. As a result, they require less space and can be installed almost anywhere in your home. They also have fewer parts than gas-powered models and are therefore easier to maintain and repair when something goes wrong with them.


    Instant Access to Hot Water

    Electric tankless water heaters provide instant access to hot water at all times, unlike conventional storage type units that take up to 30 minutes before they reach their set temperature level while having their heating elements on full blast mode during operation time periods between 10 am pm daily usage periods only which can cause excessive wear & tear damage faster than normal if not properly maintained regularly cleaned out every three months depending upon usage levels.

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    Frequently Asked Electric Water Heater Questions

    At Canal Winchester Plumbing & Drain, we’re dedicated to finding a solution for our customers so they can live in comfort. If you have any questions, give us a call at (614) 490-7531.

    When should I replace my water heater?

    As a general rule of thumb, you should upgrade to a new tank water heater every 10-15 years and a new tankless system every 20 years. If you do not know how old your current water heater is, you can usually figure it out by looking at the serial number located somewhere on the unit. Other signs that it may be time to install a new water heater include strange noises or smells coming from your system or appearing in your water, uneven water temperature or flow, and increasing energy bills.

    How many different types of water heaters are there?

    Different water heater models can be broken down into categories based on fuel source, i.e., whether they run on gas or electricity. However, in terms of functionality, there are two main types of water heaters currently available on the market: standard tank water heaters and tankless systems. Traditional water heaters use a heating element to reheat your water in a large tank every time you turn the tap on. On the other hand, tankless systems heat water as it moves through your pipes.

    What counts as a plumbing emergency?

    In today’s day and age, most of us don’t like waiting, let alone waiting for our residential plumbing to be fixed. With that being said, a few things count as a plumbing emergency, including the risk of flooding due to a sump pump, burst pipe, sewer backup, a water shut-off valve failure, or if you have no access to running water. However, if you are still unsure about what constitutes a “plumbing emergency,” call the Five Star Dayton Plumbing appointment line to speak with a live representative.


    24/7 Emergency Plumbing Service in Canal Winchester, OH

    Our plumbers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you with any plumbing issues you may have. We provide fast response times and we can handle any job no matter how big or small it is. We can help you with minor issues like a clogged drain or a broken faucet, or we can help with major issues like a broken water heater.

    If you're not 100% happy with our services, we promise to make things right! That's why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

    You can count on our professional plumbers not only for emergency services but for preventative maintenance as well. Annual inspections can help prevent many issues from occurring in the first place. Our plumbing experts will identify problems before they start. Give us a call today and avoid the stress of plumbing problems tomorrow.

    • Annual inspections can help prevent many issues from occurring in the first place.
    • Our plumbing experts will identify problems before they start.
    • Give us a call today and avoid the stress of plumbing problems tomorrow.


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