When Is the Best Time to Get Your Water Heater Flushed?

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A well-kept water heater is a huge asset to any plumbing system. It works quietly in the background, making sure you have hot water whenever you need it. Remember, giving it a little TLC now and then is key. While it might not demand the spotlight, your water heater still deserves some care. Otherwise, you may start to run into some issues with your hot water. One crucial part of maintenance often missed is giving it a good flush. So, join Canal Winchester Plumbing & Drain as we chat about why water heater flushing matters and when’s the best time to tackle this important job. 

Know Why You Should:    

Before we get into when you should flush your water heater, let’s quickly chat about why it’s so important to do so.   

  1. Over time, sediment and minerals will start piling up in the tank, which is pretty normal. When that happens, it lowers efficiency and might lead to water heater damage. When you regularly flush out your water heater, it clears out these mineral deposits, making sure your water heater keeps working at its best. 
  1. The hardness of your water does affect how often you need to flush your water heater. So, if you’re in a place with hard water (high mineral content), just bear in mind you might have to flush it more often. 

Know When You Should:    

Next, let’s chat about when is a good time to get your water heater flushed. Experts say that it’s best to flush it annually. Though it’s ideal to do it twice a year – once in spring and once in fall, feel free to adjust how often you flush it based on your water consumption and what your needs are. Just make sure that you do it regularly and stay on track of its upkeep. Spring or fall is best since you’re not as dependent on hot water during these seasons.  

However, if you think your water heater needs a flush in between your regular schedule, it will not hurt to schedule an appointment as soon as you are able. It’s a wise idea to know what to look for in between them. So, be sure to watch for any signs such as strange noises, getting less hot water, or the output of discolored water from your faucets. If you notice any of these signs, it could mean there’s a sediment buildup. In that case, don’t wait until your next annual flush; reach out to a licensed plumber pronto. 

When it comes to plumbing upkeep, flushing your water heater is often overlooked. But you have the power to manage your home maintenance. Knowing the best time to flush your water heater and keeping up with it can significantly boost its performance and lifespan. By adding this simple yet important task to your yearly maintenance routine, you’ll have a steady flow of hot water and improve your home’s water heating system efficiency. Interested in more ways to help practice preventative maintenance for your plumbing system? Check out the rest of our blogs! 

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