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One of the most common problems with electric water heaters is that they have a tendency to overheat. Usually, when this happens, it results in scalding hot water coming out of your sinks and showers – definitely not what you want! Plus, it can even cause damage to the water heater permanently. So, if you find yourself in this predicament, you might be wondering what caused the overheating and what you should do about it. Well, your awesome Canal Winchester Plumbing & Drain team has got you covered! We’ve put together the top three reasons why your electric water heater might be overheating. Let’s dive in and find out what’s going on! 


Think about the thermostat, first of all. The water heater’s thermostat keeps track of the temperature of the water in the tank. If the water temperature drops below a certain point, the thermostat will kick in and activate the heating element to bring the water temperature back up. So, if your water heater is overheating, your water heater’s thermostat might just be set too high, or it could be malfunctioning. That’s why the first thing you’ll want to check if your water heater is overheating is the thermostat.   


Another possible reason for your electric water heater overheating is a damaged heating element. You know how things tend to wear down over time? Well, heating elements are no exception. So, if your water heater is overheating, chances are it’s because of a faulty heating element. If you think this might be the issue with your water heater, just give us a call. We’re here to help! 


Lastly, if sediment builds up in the tank, it can cause your water heater to overheat. Over time, these sediments can insulate the heating elements, trapping the heat inside. This makes the water heater work even harder, eventually leading to overheating. To fix this issue, you’ll need to flush the tank to remove the sediment buildup. Since this job involves working with water and electricity, it’s best to call a licensed plumber to handle it. They’ll know how to get the job done safely and efficiently. 

If you’re dealing with an overheated water heater, it’s important to get it fixed ASAP. Leaving it unchecked can cause permanent damage and a hefty repair bill. So, why not give us a call? We’d love to help you out and get you back up and running in no time!  

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